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Me, me, me, me, me


and you, you, you, you, you.

We’re a little bit preoccupied with V-day here at Tango and recently saw a great gift idea in New York Magazine. It’s one of our favorite childhood books by Dr. Seuss and Roy McKie, My Book about Me. You get two copies, for you and your sweetie, and after you’ve filled them out and answered burning questions like, “How many steps is it to your nearest mailbox?" and "What’s your favorite food?" you exchange them. If you have the copy you filled out when you were five years old, all the better.

A more sophisticated book with the same idea just landed on our desk, Owner’s Manual The Essential Guide to the One You Love by Arielle Ford and Elizabeth Goodman. You fill in the blanks to questions like, “The best ways to help me when I am angry, sad, depressed or moody is….” At 86 pages, the depth of knowledge could become exhaustive, but this seems like it could be interesting in small doses, much like the Table Topics cards we mentioned last week.


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