Why It's Better Not To Have A Valentine


single alone valentine's day
You're likelier to be thinner, happier, and drama-free, if you're man-free.

5. We're better in bed….
even if we're the only ones in it. Australian researchers found that 55 percent of single women could achieve orgasm every time they masturbated, while only 25 percent of women with a current partner could. And a British study found that married women were significantly more likely to report sexual problems than single women.

If you've read this far, here's a bonus reason it's better to be single of Valentine's Day--just for you. (Think of it as the hidden track on your favorite album.)

6. There are record numbers of single men out there.
The best news a single woman can get on Valentine’s Day: Forty-five percent of men in America are unmarried. With so many single men out there, meeting the guy of your dreams is really just a numbers game. He's out there, you just haven't met him yet. So why not get dressed up and meet up with some other single friends this Valentine's Day, and check out a few more. One of these nights, you're bound to meet Mr. Right.

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