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The Girlfriend Hall of Fame


It’s 2008. Who says a woman can’t be just as engrossed in the Super Bowl as a man? However, in the event that she might not be, she can still fake it ‘til she makes it. This year, take Tango’s crash course in everything you need to know to appear a pigskin-savvy goddess, regardless of how you really feel.

If you’re single, head to a sports bar or a sure-to-be-testosterone-drenched party, then mingle and throw a couple of choice phrases in—we've got a need-to-know vocab list. Master this and any guy worth his nachos will soon be fantasizing about you wearing nothing but his Giants jersey. Attached? Impress your man by throwing out a few of these doozies alongside the rest of the fools plastered around the plasma screen.  This, we assure you, will ensure your induction into the Girlfriend Hall of Fame.

Try this one out this Sunday, and don't forget to put your game face on.

When? After a big hit (aka, a tackle)
You Say: “He got jacked!” Or you can say, “He won’t need a new clock any time soon, he just got his cleaned.”

Clever banter aside, check out the cheat sheet for common terms like “Buttonhook and Bootleg” (no, not the latest, greatest Levis). Also, get the lowdown on this year’s contenders, the Giants and the Patriots, as well as some great party recipes. See you in the hall of fame, girlfriend.


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