What’s Got Tango Buzzing?

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Tango Buzz


You don’t have to wait for your next brunch with friends to catch up on the hottest trends, must-have products and juicy relationship tidbits.Instead, check out Love Buzz, Tango’s ever-fresh spot to get the latest on everything you want – and need – to know. It’s your one-stop shop for the latest scoop on love. Below are a couple of our favorites. And see what’s got us buzzing this very minute.Not interested in joining the Mile-High Club? Get your kicks before you board at one of the Ten Lustiest Airports in America.

Think ABC’s Cashmere Mafia is the new Sex and the City? Think again. Our beloved Carrie would never use those Manolo’s to crush people on her path to the top. Get our review here.

For the politically conscious bride-to-be, here’s a site that combines two rather unlikely topics: wedding fare and the 2008 presidential race. Who says you can’t rock that white dress with an intention to rock the vote this fall?

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