Kiss and Tell

Kiss and Tell
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Embrace your inner voyeur by hearing steamy secrets about hookups gone wild.

Contrary to the jabs by your own guilty conscience, you're not the only one that's done something worth confessing. is the premiere spot on the web to spill your guts in the format of a post, and then get honest feedback on it - or maybe even a couple of "me too"s.

Here are a couple of recent posts that have been getting some nods of agreement...

"My goal for the weekend is to find a distraction dude until my future husband realizes that he loves me."

"I accidentally made out, hardcore, with one of my best friends even though he is with another girl, damn you vodka and first loves. That mix never ends well."

If you've been an angel lately, let your inner voyeur loose and check out what the more mischievous have been up to...


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