Blindfolds and Bling

Blindfolds and Bling

Nothing says “Happy Valentine’s Day” like a little S&M.

Make your loved one a personalized blindfold for V-Day tomorrow night at Babeland’s NYC location. Bedazzle it, bejewel it, whatever floats his or her boat. And for a fee of $10 for materials, it’s a total steal—and you’ll walk out knowing you’ve got something no one else can give him/her this year.

Says the site:
Make your own personal gift this Valentine’s Day with Babeland’s help. We’ll provide a blindfold and bling. All you need to do is bring your artistic self and bedazzle away. While you are getting crafty, we’ll show you some toys you can use to go with your blinged-out blindfold.

Check out the details here.


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