Jenna Jameson’s Birthday Surprise


Jenna Jameson gave boyf Tito Ortiz a nice b-day surprise.

It was recently Ultimate Fighting Championship fighter Tito Ortiz’s birthday. And for his birthday porn superstar Jenna Jameson popped out of a cake and put on a strip show for him. The strippers popping out of a cake is always a good trick. Particularly when it’s your girlfriend. And she’s Jenna Jameson. We’ll bet that Ortiz was just happy that it wasn’t archrival Chuck Liddell that jumped out of the cake. While the popping out of a cake is hardly novel, Jessica Simpson did it for Nick on Newlyweds, it is a nice birthday surprise.

We wondered what other celebrities may need a little help in the birthday gift department:

  1. Brad could give Angelina an Aborigine child. They don’t have one yet. Read more about these two...
  2. David Beckham could give Victoria a tattoo of her nude likeness on his forearm a decent meal. Read more about these two...
  3. Tim Burton could give Helena Bonham Carter despair. Macabre, eerie, despair. Or Vincent Price’s reanimated corpse. Read about these two more...
  4. Camilla Alves could give Matthew McConaughey a ‘World’s Greatest Dad’ shirt. And possibly dip cup. Read more about these two...
  5. Sarah Silverman could give Jimmy Kimmel a solemn promise that she is at least three-quarters kidding about sleeping with Matt Damon. Read more about these three...

Read more from The Sun about Tito’s birthday surprise…


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