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Is Sarah Silverman Effing Matt Damon?


Find out what exactly these two are up to.

Of course they’re not dating, but according to a music video, they are f*cking.

Sarah debuted a music video on Thursday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live Jimmy and Sarah have been dating for five years. And Matt Damon is commonly the butt of jokes on Kimmel’s show. Jimmy thinks it’s funny to end a show by apologizing for not having enough time to interview Matt Damon.

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Check out the vid, below. This is not the first time that Matty D has parodied his usually straight-laced persona. He took a cameo in Euro Trip to sing the song “Scotty Doesn’t Know.” The song, by Lustra, is about a cuckolded young man who is not aware that the singer is screwing his girlfriend. It really made the movie. Matt Damon may have just replaced Andy Garcia as the least trustworthy celebrity.

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Enjoy the show and use headphones if you’re at work.

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