Not Super Bowled Over

Not Super Bowled Over

What if you aren't a football fan?

Not to sound like a stereotypical female, but I’m not so into football. I admire and commend any women who love the sport, and I truly believe anyone can be a fan. Funny, though, how media outlets attempt to make SBS relevant to the female population:

The New York Post appeals to anyone who does not observe Super Bowl Sunday, outlining non-football-related outings in the city. The writer claims these events are gender-neutral, but most revolve around designer sales and discount spa services. Come on, now.

MSN goes the sex-symbol route with the “10 Sexiest Quarterbacks in History.” If you happen to be at a SB soiree, I’m sure all the guys would love to hear all about your take on the list. Be sure to cover each QB in detail, but maybe wait for an important point in the game, perhaps a fumble or a kick field goal (I had to ask our resident football expert what this was called. It was a game of half third-grade-level vocab, half charades on my part.)

Besides the special Stoli "fumbletini," (no man I know is looking forward to toasting a few of those), The Daily News offers also five tips to act like you know what’s going on. Example: “Start a debate about whether Plaxico Burress was right to say that the Giants' receiving corps is as good as the Patriots’, then immediately leave to get more beers.” To be honest, I don’t want even want to utter “Plaxico Burress.” No desire whatsoever.

Last, but definitely not least, is Tango’s own Super Bowl Cheat Sheet. Yes, we got in on the fun. Tom Miller has provided enough info to back up any debate-worthy comments you might try out on the crowd. Go, Tom! (Miller, not Brady.)


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