The Skinny Bride Diet

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The Skinny Bride Diet

New stats show women will go to extreme measures for the big day.

A recent Cornell study surveyed more than 250 brides-to-be and found that a 91% are concerned about their weight. Okay, we know. Not a shocker.

But...more than 50% of the women were of average weight, while more than 70% are dieting for their wedding day. That math doesn't equal out.

The average weight-loss goal? A mere 21 pounds, with women listing tactics such as diet pills and fasting as the vehicle to dropping a size—or 10.

We are not judging, but seriously, maybe there should be more emphasis on long-term health—maybe even something you and the fiance could do together. And if he proposed to you as you are, why get all scale-obsessed now?

Read more about the study here.

Are you engaged and looking to lose LBs? Or is it totally ridiculous? Tell us what you think below.


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