Comments, Terms, And The Refs


Comments, Terms, And The Refs
This cheat sheet will have everyone convinced that you're Super Bowl savvy.

football3.jpgA) Comments:

There are a certain questions that are not to be asked during the game (keep in mind talking in general is somewhat verboten or at least frowned upon).


You know that mixing sports metaphors is a no-no and comments about Tom Brady and Gisele should be kept to a minimum.

A few good things to say:

When: After a big hit.
You Say: “He got jacked!” Or you can say, “He won’t need a new clock any time soon, he just got his cleaned.”

When: Dropped pass.
You Say:
“Oops. He hit him right in the hands.”

When: Hit after the whistle blows.
You Say:
Weird. Any time that a late hit happens, Rodney Harrison is involved. Weird.

When: Player loafing.
You Say:
He must just be saving it for the Pro Bowl.

When: Announcer Troy Aikman repeats himself.
You Say: It’s okay, he did that before all of the concussions.

When: Announcer Joe Buck says something ridiculous.
You Say:
Which team did he play for when he was in the league?

B) Terminology:

Want to impress the people you are watching the game with?

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