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Gwen And Gavin Have Another Baby On Board


The rock stars have a second kid on the way.

Nicely done, rockers. Gwen Stefani and husband Gavin Rossdale are going to have baby number two. Rossdale’s father confirmed the new addition with People. Stefani and Rossdale have a son, Kingston, who’s almost 2. Unbelievably, Stefani and Rossdale are 38 and 40, respectively. We feel a bit old all of the sudden. We remember when Gwen was just a girl. Just a girl in the world.

Speaking of feeling old, we just saw that Justin Long and Drew Barrymore were together at the premier of Justin’s (and Vince Vaughn’s) Wild West Comedy Show. Everyone is going to be feeling crazy old when Drew has a kid of her own, especially if it's with the kid from the Macintosh commercials.

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