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Declaration of Independence


Proclaim your dating status without saying a word.

I believe that true love comes only when one is ready to receive it. It's a gift, yes - but until then, why not celebrate your fabulous single self with another little gift? Singelringen, a Swedish brand, created a gorgeous turquoise and silver unisex ring specifically to display one's proud solo status. Sold internationally and spotted on some happily single celebs, the ring is equivalent to a wedding band - declaring peace with the fact that people can be complete within themselves.

A crescent shape cut into the acrylic allows the silver to shine through and signifies the wearer’s openness to new conversations, friendships, or romantic relationships. Engraved on each ring is a unique registration number, which allows the owner to join the global online Singelringen community, obtain an e-mail at and communicate with other registered wearers.

So whether you're doing laps in the dating pool or just focusing on you, slip this one on and vow to honor your own divinity - for better or worse.


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