(Painful) Moment of Truth

(Painful) Moment of Truth

The game show that airs contestants' dirty little secrets.


Did anyone else see Moment of Truth last night? If you tune in next week, and happen to watch with your SO, just be prepared for some “discussion topics.” The game show puts an individual in the hot seat, hooked up to a lie detector, and asks uncomfortable questions—all with loved ones sitting a few feet away. The contestant answers questions truthfully in an attempt to win cash, and hopefully not lose his/her loved ones in the process. Inevitably, questions of infidelity arise, which can open up a can of worms and similar questions from your own BF/GF/spouse.

Just remember: These people can walk away with $500,000. Watch this show and you may walk away with nothing but an argument!

What do you think? Is honesty always the best policy? Tell us below.


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