Tango 10: Worst In-The-Sack Comments


in the bedroomWe've all heard a bad pick-up line—or ten–in our day. But in her new book How Not To Date, dating columnist Judy McGuire has amassed a list of amazing comments you never want to hear before, during or after heading to the sack with a lucky someone.

If you're dating, this list will serve as a poignant reminder to love the one you're with all the more.  Single? You have our express permission to taze/mace/emasculate any guy who dares utter one of these:


10. "Your breasts are the reason I asked you out—well, that and you seem like you'll be dirty in bed."

9. "You remind me of my mom/dad/brother/sister."

8. "You're above average."

7. "Damn baby, you fine! I don't like dem skinny girls."

6. "Can I get your sister's number?"

5. "I can't love you, but if you're okay with that, I would still like us to sleep together."

4. "You are a little soft . . . do you not work out?"

3. "If you just let me, I promise you won't get any diseases."

2. "Are you sure you're a virgin? You don't feel like a virgin."

1. "Let me just put it in—I promise not to move it."

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