Loneliness Is Worse For You Than Smoking

Loneliness Is Worse For You Than Smoking

Surprising remedies for loneliness that even a misanthrope could use.

Talking to your cats or treating your dog like a child isn't crazy after all. In fact, it's rather good for you.

The results from a University of Chicago study reveal that in the absence of human connection, we anthropomorphize, or cast human-like characteristics onto pets, a supernatural or god figure or, less frequently, gadgets. The motivation comes from self-preservation not delusion.

"It's actually a greater risk for morbidity or mortality than cigarette smoking is. Being lonely is a bad thing for you," one U of C professor involved with the study told ScienceDaily.

Researchers referred to the Tom Hanks' film Castaway as depicting "a deep truth about the irrepressibly social nature of Homo sapiens." In the movie, Hanks survives for years on a deserted island because of his projected friendship with a volleyball that he names Wilson.

On a related note, a recent Love Buzz revealed that married people reported feeling satisfied more than their single counterparts did. Evidently, man is not meant to be an island and that woman you know with 14 cats is simply looking after her health.


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