Top 10 Celebs To Invite To A Bachelor Party


Which celebrity would you want tagging along on your bachelor party?

As we wrote up a quick Dish on Jack Nicholson (the actor, the golfer's name is Jack Nicklaus), we decided that he would be a good dude to have at a bachelor party. That got us thinking, 'what other celebs would be great to bring to a bachelor party?' Disagree with anyone on the list? We're sure that we missed someone, let us know. Keep in mind, it might be a bad idea to invite more than two or three of these guys, competing egos, paparazzi, etc.

10: Matthew McConaughey (They'd probably require him to wear a shirt in the casino.)
9: Snoop Dogg (Don't plan on getting a new job for 4 weeks or so afterward.)
8: Bill Hader (He's gotta spend at least half the weekend in character as Al Pacino.)
7: Bruce Willis (He’'s a dude. And this minimizes the likelihood of Ashton Kutcher punking you.)
6: Jeremy Piven (We're pretty sure that he can handle himself in a strip club. Keep an eye on him, though.)
5: Will Ferrell (We would need more Frank the Tank and less Harold Crick, "get off the slots!")
4: Seth Rogen (He's a funny dude. And he seems like he'd dive on the grenade.)
3: Tracy Morgan (Someone's gonna get pregnant!)
2: Vince Vaughn (Beers, laughs, ladies. You're so money and you don't even know it.)
1: Jack Nicholson (One word: Legen-(wait for it)-dary.)

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