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Remembering MLK's Poetry

Perhaps best remembered for his unparalleled oration urging our country towards equal rights, Martin Luther King, Jr.'s way with words also extended to correspondence with his future wife, Coretta Scott.

King wrote to Scott from Atlanta in 1952, a year before the pair married:

"My life without you is like a year without a spring time which comes to give illumination and heat to the atmosphere saturated by the dark cold breeze of winter."

He then excused himself for his "poetical and romantic flight" and continued:

"But how else can we express the deep emotions of life other than in poetry? Isn't love too ineffable to be grasped by the cold calculating hands of intellect?" When, more than a decade later, King penned his immortal "I Have A Dream" speech, our nation learned what Coretta had known for years: that, truly, only poetry would do when expressing his deepest of emotions.

Read more about Coretta and Martin Luther King's relationship in this chapter of his autobiography.


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