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It’s National Hugging Day!


As Ari would say, let’s hug it out, bitch.

Had a spat with your spouse? A disagreement with your boss? Maybe the Starbucks barista gave you a tall instead of a grande. There’s one sure way to smooth things over: a big old bear hug!

Today is known to most Americans as Martin Luther King Jr. Day, certainly an important day in its own right, but on a lighter note, did you know it’s also National Hugging Day? There’s even a web site dedicated to the quasi-holiday:

Turns out, hugging is good for your health. A 20-second hug can release oxytocin, a euphoria-inducing chemical, as well as lower your blood pressure. (Editor’s note: Have you experienced a 20-second hug? It’s kind of a long time. You’ll want to pull away, but ride it out. It’s worth the health benefits.)

But as the web site states, always ask first!


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