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Revenge of the Nerds


More press proves geeks and sex appeal are not mutually exclusive.

Dare I press this point any further, but geek sex appeal is yet again in the media. My poor editor-in-chief, Carrie Sloan, received Darth Vader-quality death threats from nerds across the country for her take on the rise of the bespectacled beast in “Why Geeks Are the New Chic” (Don’t worry, she wasn’t in any real danger. They were harmless battle cries). Yet geek chic rears its cute-ugly head again with Violet Blue’s Open Source Sex column for the San Francisco Chronicle today. Entitled “So, I Seduced a Mac Geek”, Blue’s piece—a lurid retelling of locking eyes (and more) with a fellow geek at MacWorld expo—is equal parts racy and techie. And you definitely don't want to miss what follows: Her Macworld-style Kama Sutra—a glossary of sexual positions that will allow you do the deed while checking your gmail. (10 points to anyone who actually tries the "Laptop Riser.")


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