10 Men to Run From—Not After

10 Men to Run From—Not After

Print this list, and your heart will thank you.

Our feature, 12 Relationship Red Flags, has been generating a lot of debate lately, in part because of the writer's stern warning that a man should never date a woman who puts ketchup on her eggs. A minor offense, it seems, considering the many species of bad-for-you guys running amok and tempting us. Herewith, a field guide to ten we think are well worth skirting—yes, even if you're going through a dry spell.
10. The Iron-Stomached Chef: He offers to cook for you—you politely gag down undercooked sea urchin. (Hint: the sex will be worse.)
9. The Wanna-be Bachelor: Shows up to your blind date holding a single red rose.
8. The Wife-Hunter: On date 1 he asks if you want kids; on date 2 he suggests you start dating exclusively.
7. The Euroscum: Talks and smells like Pepe Le Peu; convinced his suave accent will make up for his scary teeth.
6. The Perpetual Boy: snubs formal transportation for his fold-able bike; does “gigs”—doesn’t believe in jobs.
5. The Mama’s Boy: He’s 33. She still buys his undies.
4. The Post-Grad Frat Boy: Loves Limp Bizkit and never got the memo on turning that white baseball cap back around, yo.
3. The Phantom Menace: “Julia was so fragile.” “Julia had perfect feet.” Julia was the woman who dumped him four years ago.
2. The Tortured Artist: lives for “his work.” Lives on coffee and nicotine. Hot, until you realize he disdains humanity—and hygiene.
1. Mr. Picky: Any man who actually makes lists of his relationship red flags—for non-instructional purposes, that is.

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