Single Superhero Seeking Same For Romance/ Fun

Single Superhero Seeking Same For Romance/ Fun

A personal ad for the recently separated Spiderman.


Recently separated male vigilante would like to meet/ date female crime fighter.

I’ve been through a lot lately; family illness, death of best friend (Captain America), and split after 20+ years of marriage. So, I’m looking to start fresh, not necessarily a long-term thing, but I’m open.

I’m about 5’10 with brown hair and a good build. My hobbies include wall-crawling, fighting villains, photography, and swinging (not that kind, literally swinging). Sometimes I go on adventures with Iron Man, Thor, and the X-Men.

I need a friend/ lover not a sidekick. I’m looking for a laidback, super heroine WITH a secret identity. I need someone that understands A) the rigors of living a double life and B) that with great power comes great responsibility. Preferably, no villainesses turned heroines; I’m not ready to trust yet. Must look great in spandex (naturally). Mutants are welcome (would prefer as human as possible though). Please no aliens or She-Hulks (sorry She-Hulk).

Only serious inquiries, please.

User Name: SPDRMN1992

Read more about the Spiderman breakup on CNN


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