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Matthew McConaughey To Be A Dad

The Sexiest Man Alive may have to become the Sexiest Dad Alive.

 To paraphrase Wooderson, “They keep gettin’ older. And you don’t know where the time went.” It looks like the most nonchalant (would that be least chalant?) dude in Hollywood is about to join the baby express. He and Brazilian model Camilla Alves are pregnant, or so says McConaughey’s publicist. And McConaughey’s website. We’re guessing it’s legit. Not the baby, it is most certainly illegitimate, though they could cover that up with a hasty wedding.

This represents the end of an era for one of the coolest dudes in Hollywood. Basically, this guy is so cool that he can take any character and play it as himself and keep getting great gigs. Amazing. And now he’s up for his most challenging role yet: father. We’re hoping that he plays the same laidback but competent dude that we love him for.

For some reason, we picture Matthew McConaughey breaking the news to Lance Armstrong and the two listening to Milli Vanilli’s “Girl I’m Gonna Miss You” and hugging shirtless on the beach.


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