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Filling up the gas tank may get you laid!

In one of many interviews for the movie 27 Dresses, James Marsden mentioned that the notion of romance has changed for he and his wife of seven years. He said that it's now all about being thoughtful, adding that his wife viewed something as simple as filling the car with gas for her as the ultimate romantic gesture. Funny how the definition morphs over the years, isn’t it?

I asked around here at Tango, and my officemates were in agreement. One staffer told me about an ex that, when she had given up on fixing her computer, secretly schlepped her desktop to the computer repair place, bought her a new motherboard, and left it under her pillow. Another says his wife finds it romantic when he does the dishes when she’s out running errands. (Nothing like coming home to an empty sink.) Simple acts, big love.

What unconventional acts of love have you done for your SO, or what has he/she done for you? Tell us below.

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