Eileen & Neil Mitzman

You overwhelming nominated Eileen and Neil Mitzman Couple of the Year at tangomag.com—for good reason. Together since the fourth grade, the Mitzmans have faced more than their fair share of adversity: Both of their daughters passed away before their time—one lost in a car accident, the other to AIDS—and while such tragedies would end some marriages, theirs only got stronger.

“We had the love and support of dear friends to deal with our grief, and to help heal we started getting into the AIDS movement,” says Eileen. “We started a group called Mothers’ Voices—who wouldn’t listen to a mother, right?—and even went to the Clinton White House with our cause. Through the years, we have raised millions of dollars for education and research. Mothers’ Voices is now known as CPFA: Concerned Parents for AIDS Research.” Concerned activists and devoted partners, the Mitzmans are a testament to the power of love.

Famous Kin: “We got to know [Sharon Stone] as she is the spokesperson for the American Foundation for AIDS Research. When Sharon heard our story, she realized that we would never have any grandchildren, so she adopted us as her grandparents. We visit her and her children often,” reports Eileen.

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