America Gets Down and Dirty

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Our country ’tis of thee has a few dirty little secrets.

Our country ’tis of thee has a few dirty little secrets.In the land of soccer moms, suit-and-ties, and the corner store, there lies a secret. A sexy one. A naughty one, in fact. And Brian Alexander found out that most Americans aren’t working very hard to keep their private lives under wraps. The “Sexploration” columnist went on a cultural journey to uncover mainstream America’s predilection for porn, swinging, and S&M in his new book, America Unzipped: In Search of Sex and Satisfaction. Turns out, your accountant, your neighbor, even your mom (!) are likely to indulge in kink. Check it out. It’s a fascinating peek into the sexual underbelly of middle America. If anything you’ll learn about fetish conferences, a Beginning Bondage class, and Passion Parties. Available at


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