Jessica Simpson Ruins Pro Football

Jessica Simpson Ruins Pro Football

Trip to Mexico with blond pop star blamed for Cowboys loss to Giants.


According to all Dallas Cowboys fans, the Cowboys loss to the underdog New York Giants is mostly Jessica Simpson’s fault. In case you missed it, Tony Romo (All Pro quarterback of the Cowboys) and Jessica Simpson went on vacation to Mexico the weekend before last. And he threw the game-clinching interception. This was after he played his worst game with her in the audience a few weeks ago. No one blames the dubious fourth quarter play-calling, crucial penalties, bad tackling, or poorly timed timeouts. Nope, a trip to Mexico cost them the game. Not a trip to Mexico that resulted in a missed practice. Not a trip to Mexico that ended in a blistering sunburn. And not a trip that included a bout of Mexican water-spawned diarrhea. And if losing to a team that they beat handily earlier in the year wasn’t enough, Jessica Simpson also made Terrell Owens cry.

The pundits couldn’t be happier and the Dallas fans couldn’t more pissed. Oh well. Two quick notes on the Yoko Romo situation:
1) The Dish made a fieldtrip to Green Bay this weekend and we’re not sure if any NFC can stop the goodtime Brett Favre express. The Cowboys may have been delaying the inevitable.
2) We had one very expressive Dish fan write in about the situation. It’s not eloquent and it is frequently misspelled, but you can see where he’s going. Ladies and gents, Rando’s rant (Feel free to chime in):
I was at Jessica's official website, it's down and out, every Dallas Cowboy fan I know wants to tell her she is now, officially baned from our households,Boycott Jessica Crap,we buy no pictures, no nothing of her crap, we hope see gets run out of Texas for interefering in our winning season, jinxing, encouraging, and distracting our QB from his JOB. YOKOROMO that's a great one. This week we are organizing a CD burning of Jesse CD's just for laughs, people will be hard at work making her the laughing stock of the internet. She now has on her hands the blood sweat and tears of every Cowboy fan in America.See messed with what is ours, the Dallas Cowboys and their rich storied traditions for what some free publicity. O. K. Game on! We are going to mock her at every turn, make her suffer a miserable year that she handed us. a cheap, pointless publicity STUNT on her stupid father's part. What MAN would call a younger man and tell him his daughter is interested in him. On Thankgiving day she became the Black Widow Spider of Texas,she invites the moronic, impish Romo to party in Cabo and asks him to bring team mates and make sure the pappa rotsies come along too, Tony. Wicked, un-becomimg, selfish, shit disturding Wacko Texas Freak. Enjoy what's coming your way, Baby. It will be stinging commentary, paradies making you the witch and laughing stock you are. And wait there's more... Yes, Jessica we will mock that brain dead, faux preacher, joke of a Dad. You guys messed with Texas football, Baby. Our football season was stolen by you, our Super Bowl appearance gone, this will be my comic relieve for the next year. Have a Ball, Jesse 2008 all the way... Pay back is often a bitch, Baby! LOL LOL From, Rando


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