Juno: A Modern Day Fairy Tale?

Juno: A Modern Day Fairy Tale?
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Pregnancy in life and in Hollywood.

While “Juno” lost out to “Sweeney Todd” for the Best Musical or Comedy Golden Globe at last night’s ceremony…er, press conference, the comic tale of a 16 year old who becomes pregnant has had America talking not only about the film’s wit but its unintentional pro-life undertone.

The New York Times ran an opinion piece yesterday exploring Juno’s “fairy tale” message of an unwanted pregnancy with a happy, carefree ending vs. the reality of what this means, physically and psychologically, for women, specifically teenagers.

We reported last week that the majority of teens having sex are doing so safely (click here to read), but young women find themselves in Juno’s situation every day. According to Planned Parenthood, approximately half of the six million women who become pregnant each year did not intend to do so.

The author of the Times’ opinion, Caitlin Flanagan, asks questions that are tough to answer but even tougher to ignore: “Does the full enfranchisement of girls depend on their being sexually liberated? And if it does, can we somehow change or diminish among the very young the trauma of pregnancy, the occasional result of even safe sex?”

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