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Does That Taser Come in Leopard Print?


Why yes, it does, and it even comes with an MP3 player!

And you can purchase in the comfort of your very own home. As reported on the modern woman has long since parted ways with the Tupperware party, even the sex toys gathering. Now, young ladies meet at friends’ homes for…wait for it…the Taser party.

Now what exactly happens at these parties? There’s certainly no plastic food storage on hand, and no fluorescent vibrator, either. It’s even better: Attendees, many of which are single women looking for a little extra security, take turns trying the product, which shoots up to 15 feet.

"Lori Busken, 48, is the first in line. Busken, who is single, said she would feel better carrying a Taser than a gun. She did not buy a C2 right away, but she said she is planning to buy one soon.

'It's not heavy," she said after holding the weapon in her hand. "It's great they make them for civilian use. You don't want to kill somebody. You just want to be safe, you know?'"

The Taser C2 comes in a variety of colors, and the company recently introduced pink, lipstick red, and leopard print to the mix. In addition, Taser will release the MPH (Music Player Holster), which holds 1 GB of music. Crazy, I know!

Check it out here.


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