Polish Man Bumps Into Wife… At A Brothel

Polish Man Bumps Into Wife… At A Brothel

It has to be pretty awkward to run into a spouse at a whore house.

Reuters is reporting that a Polish man ran into his wife at a brothel recently. She was not seeking the same services that he was but rather rendering those services. She claims that she was earning a little dough on the side. The couple, after 14 years of probably less than blissful marriage, is said to be divorcing.
What we imagine went down:

Woman: Uh, wow. What are you doing here?
Man: I was about to ask you the same thing? I’m getting a little ass on my break, you?
Woman: I was just looking for directions on how to get away from here.
Man: Really?
Woman: I’m writing a book… No, a movie about prostitutes.
Man: Seriously?
Woman: I needed to earn money for those leather pants I’ve been wanting. Man: Ah. Well while here, this is pretty hot, right?
Woman: What?
Man: I was getting ready to pay for it. Why not keep the money in our family?
Woman: This is getting really weird.
Man: How about this; you dress like this at home, I’ll pay you at a discounted rate and you don’t have to kick anything back to your pimp? Maybe you can bring a friend by every now and again to shake it up?
Woman: I think I want a divorce.

End scene.

Read more of the Reuters article…


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