Jack Black Is Gonna Be A Papa Again

Jack Black Is Gonna Be A Papa Again

Funnyman Jack Black has announced that his wife, Tanya Haden, has their second child gestating in her womb. The two have a one and a half year old son together. Good effort, Jack Black.

Can you imagine being one of Jack Black’s kids? It would be awesome. Or terrible. Or a little bit of both. We wonder which one of his characters that he’s most like. Is he most like Nacho Libre? Is he most like the Kung Fu Panda? Is he most like the angry motorcyclist from Anchorman? Is he more like… Wait, aren’t all of these the same character? Oh, well. At least he’s not schizophrenic like Peter Sellers. That would be a tough house to grow up in.

Read what OK! has to say about the new addition to the Black family…


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