Nicolas Sarkozy To Marry Carla Bruni?

According to a report in Le Journal du Dimanche, French president Nicolas Sarkozy will be marrying ex-model girlfriend Carla Bruni on February 8th or 9th. The report mentions  unidentified sources, naturally. The rumors continue that he provided her with a heart-shaped engagement ring at some point in December. Mssr. Sarkozy is moving very quickly on this love affair. His divorce was not really made final until the middle of October. So factoring in a weekend of grieving, there's no way that these two could have been an official item that long. In fact, their first really public photos were not taken until on or around December 17th. It looks like Sarkozy goes after what he wants. Let's hope that he doesn't want to seize control of Europe. It would be a shame for the the two of them to be exiled to Elba.

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