Study: Online Dating Is Not The End-All Be-All For Canadian Women

Oh Canada. First they love the online dating, “It beats going out in the cold, eh?” And then they’re lukewarm about it, “It turns out we still have to meet in person. And when I meet half these hosers I’m like, ‘take-off.’ I thought he was supposed to be dekey, but he was a real hoover. I had tah climb out a window when I was taking a leak.”

Any way, it looks like our neighbors to the north are learning that internet dating is just as tricky as the regular dating scene. A professor of Anthropology (Susan Frohlick) at the University of Manitoba is kicking off a major effort into seeing how Canadian women over 30 view the dating scene particularly online. Her results, largely anecdotal at this point, show that the biggest complaints are men looking for much younger women, misleading photos and bios, and men not making the first moves. Nice, the exact same complaints we have. It looks like we have more in common with them than we thought. The universal healthcare, French signage, love of hockey, and Canadian Dollar were a little confusing.

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