Tila Tequila Gets Ready For Next Season, Dumps New Boyfriend


In a twist that NO ONE saw coming, Tila Tequila is being re-upped for another Shot At Love. Evidently, things between she and this year’s winner Bobby Banhart have soured. She claims that he couldn’t handle her stressful schedule and broke it off with her. And he claims that he hasn’t seen her since filming the last episode and that no one would give him her number.

Easy come, easy go. We just don’t know how Tila Tequila can ever be satisfied by just one man (or woman). She’s got millions of adoring MySpace fans to cherish. And, evidently, millions of TV fans. The finale was MTV’s most-watched show in two years. They’ve got to figure out a way to team her up with the casts of all those Road Rules/ Real World challenge shows (the Gauntlet and the Inferno). We think she could really find true love AND happiness with the Miz or Ace or Coral.

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