Ugly Betty's Eric Mabius is "Female User-Friendly"

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Ugly Betty's Eric Mabius is "Female User-Friendly"
Starting a family is right on top of this Sexiest Man Alive lister.

What's it like living with an interior designer for a wife?

We don't really disagree on a lot except my constant struggle to keep things from getting too girly. She has a very strong French design influence because she lived in Brussels, Belgium, and France for five and a half years. Last year we bought a post-modern home, so there's really no room for frilly stuff, thank God.


What's your most feminine quality?

I'm definitely a hopeless romantic.

In another life, who would you have a crush on?

I have a lot of respect for Salma Hayek [my boss and the executive producer of Ugly Betty]. I think she's a gorgeous woman who's very strong-willed and inspiring and challenging. I don't know if that's a complete answer because I think in the end she would drive me nuts because she is so strong-willed. But she's definitely appealing in many different ways.

Do you get distracted by all the beautiful women you work with?

It would be a lot more distracting if I were surrounded by people who were horrible inside and out. It's a lot easier to work with someone who’s gorgeous and talented than someone who's not. Everyone is so happy to be at work... there are no egos.

What was it like going to a largely female college?

There were three times as many women as men [at Sarah Lawrence College]. And I'd say a fifth of the guys there were gay. I honestly went through a lifetime of relationships there. I'm not saying I slept around and didn't care—I was a long-term serial monogamist. There were just a ton of amazing, exotic, dynamic women there. Being a minority as male was an experience in itself. I went to Amherst High School, with the largest concentration of lesbians on the Eastern seaboard. I'm kidding. Then went to Sarah Lawrence, then did The L Word—it was like everything prepared me for being female user-friendly.

And you luged while in college?!

Because I did such an odd sport, it helped me get into a school that's pretty hard to get into and even harder to pay for. Got me in on a free ride there.

How are you dealing with the pressures of fatherhood?

I think as an actor you always feel like you're one step away from being destitute. Now that I have a family, that feeling will probably only intensify. It's one thing if you’re destitute, but now you’ve got a lot of people depending on you. Growing up without much money, I understand the value of being able to put food on the table.

What was it like making People's Sexiest Man Alive list last year?

It's just another thing on a long list of things my friends can give me a really hard time about. It was definitely flattering, and if it means people are watching the show, then that's fine with me. Because do I feel sexy when I’m changing diapers? Mmm, not so much.

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