Spain Has The Highest Divorce Rate In The EU



Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father, prepare to die.


From Reuters

MADRID, (Reuters) -- Spaniards divorced at the rate of one couple every 3.7 minutes last year, pushing the traditionally Catholic country to the top of the European Union marriage failure rankings, a study said yesterday. The investigation by the Family Policy Institute, based on Spanish legal records, showed that three in every four marriages now end in divorce.

Tango’s Take
Stereotype Alert: Those hot-blooded, gorgeous people can’t keep their hands off one another. That must lead to a lot of duels and blood feuds. Maybe they just prefer their relationships like their tapas; lots of small dishes before moving onto the next bite. Maybe Spanish men don’t like their women to constantly question where they’ve been and with whom: “Easy senora, what is this, OUR inquisition?” Thank you. Thank you.

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