Survey: Sexy Lingerie Ditched In As Little As 4 Weeks

Survey: Sexy Lingerie Ditched In As Little As 4 Weeks

From The Daily Record By Karen Bale DRESSING to impress a new man doesn't last long, with women ditching sexy undies after just one month, a survey found. One in 10 women admitted giving up sexy sets of lingerie just four weeks into a relationship And 23 per cent admitted they never matched their knickers and bras - the ultimate bedroom faux pas for many men. One in five men said mismatched underwear was a turn-off. The poll of 2000 women, conducted by High Street lingerie chain La Senza, also revealed it took a special occasion for a third of women to pull out the stops for their man. Even on a romantic weekend away, only 46 per cent would bother to slip on a slinky set. And a quarter of married men may only get treated to sexy undies on their wedding anniversary. It's very different on a first date. Then, a hopeful 34 per cent of girls dig out their sexiest lingerie. Tango’s Take One short month? That’s the time limit for sexy underpants? The article goes on to explain that 71% of women interviewed feel more attractive when wearing sexy lingerie but abstain from it none-the-less. Obviously, there are women who feel a little ridiculous in lace and ruffles. Frankly these numbers are really not that exciting. Some women dig fun underwear and some prefer burlap granny panties. Some dudes like a women in garters and stockings and some would favor flannel pajamas. The good news is that there is someone for every taste, boring as they may be. As you read through the article entirely too many women are not concerned at all with a VPL (visible panty line). This absolutely must be remedied. Perhaps the Blair government can make this one of their priorities. It would lend something to his legacy as the man that ended VPL once and for all. Read More Of The Original Article…

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