Survey: Many Women Dating Online Like Younger Men

Survey: Many Women Dating Online Like Younger Men

Vancouver, British Columbia, April 30th – A study of over 50,000 women daters aged thirty and over on from April 19th-25th, 2007 reveals that 35% contacted men 5 or more years younger than themselves. Markus Frind, Founder and CEO of says, "It's not just men who want to date a few years younger these days. Women in their thirties, forties and older are pursuing younger men on dating sites."

In the USA, of the 23,024 women who initiated contact with men, 38% sought out men at least 5 years younger than themselves and 10% messaged men at least 10 years younger. North of the border, in Canada, the results were similar. Of the 17,684 women who participated, 31% emailed men at least 5 years younger and 8% sent messages to men at least 10 years younger.
Tango’s Take It looks like Canada has discovered cougars. To be fair, though, it is not always easy to reckon someone’s age when they are bundled up and wearing a stocking cap. Long story short, 32 is the new 21, 40 is the new 26 and age is just a number. And it makes biological sense for women to date younger men given that women live longer. There is a bit of prejudice out there about women dating younger men still (Stella, it looks like you have your groove back, how about that). But that double standard feels like it is receding. And not a moment too soon, Juanita Jordan (former wife of Michael Jordan and winner of a $150 million divorce settlement) could be back in the game any day now.

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