10 Questions To Ask Before Saying I Do

By YourTango

10 Questions To Ask Before Saying I Do
Getting engaged? An expert suggests 10 questions to ask before he gets down on one knee.

4. Would You Like to Be Cloned?
Science fiction aside, this is a good litmus test for asking about the role children will play in your relationship. Do you both want to have kids? If so, what motivates your desire? Would you like to have a child exactly like you or your partner, warts and all? Pay special attention to any characteristics you secretly wish the gene pool would weed out.

5. What’s Your Credit Rating?

A question as important as it is unromantic. Money is the primary source of tension for couples. Unless you both find out as much as possible about how, why, when and where you each plan to spend your hard-earned cash, prepare yourself for some major battles over bucks.

6. Can Uncle Joe Borrow $50?
How much support do you give to your siblings, friends, or parents? The amount of emotional and financial assistance you each give to outsiders directly affects how much you’ll have left to give to each other.

7. Where Will You Be on Hanukah, Christmas, or Kwanzaa?
Divvying up holidays can be a severe source of stress for couples. Which holidays would you like to spend with your family? Which would you be willing to celebrate with his (or hers)?

8. Are You Into Bondage?

Or perhaps it’s role-playing that gets you going. Either way, couples shouldn’t even consider saying "I do" until they have discussed how they like to do the deed. This includes not only where, when and how they prefer to get it on, but also how they will handle sexual dissatisfaction.