The Great Name Debate


The Great Name Debate
The pros and cons of taking his name or keeping your own.

*It may also piss off your own mother, depending on how traditional she is. This may be a con for some of you, but for many of you, this is a pro.



*It may bum out your husband, who always pictured himself with a Mrs. My Last Name by his side.

*People will feel they have every right to ask you for an explanation as to why you didn't take your husband's name.

*You will spend your whole life explaining to people why you didn't take your husband's name. (Like it's any of their business!)

*You will be called Mrs. Husband's Last Name and receive mail addressed to Mrs. Husband's Last Name despite all attempts to explain that you did not, in fact, become Mrs. Husband's Last Name.

*If you have children, you will have to explain to them why they have a different last name than you. Or, if they take your last name, you will have to explain to them why they have a different last name from their father. Or, if all of you hyphenate your last names in an attempt to be socially progressive, you will have to explain to them why their last names are 46 letters long and insanely difficult to deal with. Everytime they take a standardized test at school and have to bubble in their names, they will curse you under their breaths.



*Man, I can't think of any. Seriously.


*As mentioned above, your last name could potentially be 40 letters long. It will not fit into any forms you need to fill out for official purposes. Some people will forget the hyphen and print your name as Sara Andersonpeterschmidt. What the?

*You might potentially give up and end up going by your husband's last name, but legally you will have a hyphenated last name. Then, to get it changed, you will have to go through the name change process yet again. What fun.

*You will say, "It's a hyphenated last name" 20 to 30 times a day.

*You will basically annoy everyone who has to deal with you.

Using Your Own Name Professionally and Your Married Name Socially


*Everybody is somewhat happy.

*You get a taste of both worlds.

*You probably don't have to go through the legal runaround.


*You will confuse yourself in certain situations where your work life and social life collide.

*You will use the wrong name in the wrong situation, causing confusion and possibly chaos.

*You will develop split personality disorder and be found rocking slowly under the kitchen table asking yourself, "Who am I? Who am I?"

Then, of course, there's always the whole using your maiden name as your middle name thing. That works, sometimes, but can present the same problems as hyphenating. Plus, who uses their middle name all that much unless they're, like, Courtney Cox Arquette? And of course you and your husband-to-be could choose a brand new "family" name together, or blend your last names into a different name you can both use. But seriously people. Do we really need any more hippies out there in the world? I didn't think so.

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