Spring Is a Time of Renewal: In the City, That Means New Restaurants


I don't know whether it's because new stores and restaurants don't open up as often in the winter, or whether it's because I don't go outside in the winter unless it's absolutely necessary, but every spring when I re-adopt my habit of wandering around aimlessly when I’m bored, I'm always amazed by how many new establishments have cropped up.
Obviously, I define "spring" loosely, since it's been in the mid-forties and raining for the last couple of weeks around here. But last night, as Frank and I were walking from a show to dinner all the way across town, I was stunned by how many places were new or different or gone. One neighborhood where I used to work a couple of years ago was completely transformed from an awkward in-between business/residential area to some kind of clubland for ibankers.

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