Where Does The Time Go? Seriously Where?


My mom is in town visiting this week. Which is awesome. She's really low-key, and has been here enough times that she doesn't want to go see the Statue of Liberty either, she only wants to do cool stuff like going to see the Imax movie about the Mars Rovers, which is what we did yesterday.
Also, she loves to go to really good restaurants, so I get to go to all the places I read about but am too poor to go to on my own. Currently, I'm trying to talk my stomach into digesting faster so that I'll have enough space for brunch.
The odd thing about her visiting, though, and it's something I notice any time anyone is visiting, or I'm visiting anyone else, is how hard it is to fill up the time. I mean, we plan what seems like a full day's worth of activities, and when we finish doing them, we're tired and ready for it to be dinner time but it's only 3:30.

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