Gentiles Crashing The Party On Jewish Dating Site

 From Columbia News Service By Adam Edelman NEW YORK At 26, Mariana Bonino had just moved to Miami from her native Bolivia to take a job as a real estate agent. The job carried substantial time demands and prevented Bonino from enjoying the South Beach singles scene. "I had no social life," she said. "I didn't go out, and I didn't meet anybody." Bonino signed up with, a dating Web site aimed at helping Jews meet other Jews, after hearing about the site's success rate from friends seeking companionship online. But Bonino was Catholic. Now married and known as Mariana Rosenbaum, she is one of a growing number of non-Jews joining Jewish dating Web sites. Some are specifically looking for someone with a Jewish background; others are simply attracted by the success rate of the sites. Jdate does not seek to verify a person's religion. The site simply asks users to indicate their religious background (you can select anything from "Orthodox" to "secular," "unaffiliated," "willing to convert" and "will tell you later") and whether they go to synagogue or keep kosher. Tango’s Take Wow. Is JDate a victim of their own success? Their stats say that from March 2002 through March 2007 their percentage of ‘unaffiliated’ users has gone from 7 to 13%. They have no idea of knowing how many of these are ‘unaffiliated’ are gentiles. There seems to be a velvet rope effect here. Any successful dating site is going to face a similar dilemma? How do you stay faithful to your core and not ostracize the edges? Shiksas, feel free to apply. Read More Of The Original Article…

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