Scottish Woman Arrested On Her Wedding Night, For Fighting Her Husband

From UPI

GLASGOW, Scotland, April 27 (UPI) -- A Glasgow, Scotland, wedding night ended with the bride being hauled away by police, still wearing her wedding dress, for an alleged attack on the bridegroom.

Heather Mearns, 33, taken away in handcuffs, just a few hours after being married to Mark Allerton, for allegedly attacking her new hubby, the Glasgow Herald reported Friday.

Mearns reportedly bit Allerton on the arm and hit him on the head with her shoe just hours after they said "I do,

But Allerton is standing by his new wife.

"It was something over nothing. Just one of those silly things. It's unfortunate that the police got involved," he told the Herald. "But at the end of the day we're back together and we're happy. I'm not holding anything against her."

Tango’s Take
The last pages of that wedding album have to be ridiculous. You have to wonder what happened to make Mearns flip out? Did the groom ask for something really, really out there for the honeymoon? Something illegal in Western Europe or possibly involving her best friend? His immediate forgiveness, while genuine-seeming, makes us suspicious. Forget it, he’s probably a great guy and just loves her.

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