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Scarlett Johansson With Ryan Reynolds Now???


From Hollywood.com
HOLLYWOOD - Scarlett Johansson has sparked reports she's back in the dating game after spending the Easter weekend with Alanis Morissette's ex-fiancé Ryan Reynolds.

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Ironically, Reynolds has also been romantically linked to his Blade: Trinity costar Jessica Biel, who was Johansson's reported love rival when both were allegedly dating pop star Justin Timberlake.

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Tango’s Take
A few weeks ago, we read that Reuters was putting a moratorium on Paris Hilton news (unless it is really newsworthy, no panty dropping reports allowed). After reading (and posting) this latest ScarJo (thankya) story, Tango is considering a similar policy. This one seems a little far-fetched, though. Is the Girl With The Pearl Earring really going to go for Van Wilder? Has something gotten Lost In Translation or are they Just Friends? Is Gene Shallot going to sue us for using his shtick? Maybe she’s just attracted to funny guys who happen to be diesel. Whatever the case if this rumor is true, then Mr. Ryan Reynolds has managed to ensnare two of Hollywood’s sexiest in less than a two months. This comes on the heels of breaking it off with Alanis Morisette.
Side Note: Don’t worry about Alanis, she appears to be doing just fine. If you have not seen this video, do yourself a favor and check it out post-haste. Click here.

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