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Eli Manning Takes a Knee - And Proposes

From New York Daily News

By Ben Widdicombe

Well, if you had Eli Manning on bended knee asking you to marry him, what would you say?

The New York Giants quarterback surprised longtime girlfriend Abby McGrew with a sparkling diamond ring and a proposal Tuesday night. After a speechless moment, the lady said "yes."

"It was really low-key - it happened at home at a very unexpected moment," says a source. "It was so Eli - casual, no-frills, so in his nature."

But that doesn't mean the 6-foot-4 26-year-old wasn't nervous.

"He's been planning this for a few months and wanted to make it really special for Abby, because they've been together since college" at the University of Mississippi, says the insider.

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Tango’s Take
Eli’s brother, Payton, won the Super Bowl and the Super Bowl MVP this year. Payton also hosted SNL this weekend with his unique brand of aw-shucks charm. Fellow quarterback, Tom Brady, has impregnated ex-girlfriend Bridget Moynahan and possibly current girlfriend Gisele. On top of that, Eli’s team, the New York Giants, will likely be worse next year, losing key players to retirement and free agency. So, Eli needed a win somewhere. Hopefully, he won’t get happy feet on the big day as is his wont on the old gridiron.



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