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Jennifer Aniston Casually Dating Vince Vaughn, Others

Jennifer Aniston Casually Dating Vince Vaughn, Others


From the National Ledger By Angela Carson

Jennifer Aniston is off and running again. After a break for some surgery earlier this year, Life & Style Weekly is reporting Jennifer is again back on the dating scene. The star of the 'Break Up' is also including ex beau Vince Vaughn in those plans as well. According to the report, on February 28th, she dined with a handsome mystery man at Madeo's (her favorite restaurant) in LA.

An onlooker said they held hands and she hung on to his every word; in fact so much so that she hardly touched her Dover Sole. "They were definitely on a date," a chatty eyewitness dished to the magazine. She looked very happy and was so happy that she picked up the check. "They looked great together and Jen looked really happy," the source claimed. No word at all on the Mr. Mystery man's identity.

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Tango’s Take “No, you lock it up!” The article’s last two paragraphs are the most important, it appears the Double Vee (Vince Vaughn) is back in the picture. The Break-Up was more like “the break” for these two. And just to prove that she’s not some hard-on-her-luck sap, Aniston is non-exclusive. Hopefully that cameraman she was working on a few weeks ago is still in the rotation. Check out Tango’s Dish from February 27th.


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