DJ AM Is Now DJ Solo

DJ AM Is Now DJ Solo

March 12, 2007 -- DJ AM is once again without a starlet by his side. Friends of Mandy Moore said the singer/actress has kicked the DJ to the curb and is single again. AM, real name Adam Goldstein, used to date Nicole Richie, and after they broke up, told friends he needed to date another high-profile person because his ratings were plummeting.

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Tango’s Take First Mandy dumps Vince on Entourage and now she drops DJ AM. While this is not news in its own right, the quote about him needing a high-profile girlf is telling. People have always used romance for career and financial progress (it more or less accounts for the sum of the history of civilization) but it is still distasteful to us. Some things are sacred or are supposed to be. Well shame on them. They need to take a hint from the girls that date Hugh Hefner; do you think those bunnies are in it for the money and fame?


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