Over 40 Set Discovers Internet, Internet Dating

From The Chicago Sun-Times
BY Laura Berman

The youngest baby boomers will turn 43 this year and the oldest boomers just turned 60.

These boomers are the fastest-growing population of singles. Match.com reports that over-50 singles are their most lucrative demographic. Imagine that! Just one generation ago, love and sex were relegated to the under-40 set. A life of grandkids, bridge and table tennis were on the agenda for the over-40s.

Today, it's romance and sex for the generation who made their name in the free-love era.

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Tango’s Take
Good for the boomer generation. It must have been a hard act to follow being born after the ‘Greatest Generation’. Finally, they are able to sneak out of the shadow of their WWII-winning parents. If 32 is the new 21, as is the word on the street, then 60 has to be the new 52. The age-is-just-a-number mantra has spawned a new joie de vivre. Check out Neal Pollack’s Alternadad. It’s refreshing that widows, widowers and middle-aged divorcees are not giving up on love, sex, romance and relationships. And maybe this will launch a new trend in lying, with online daters claiming they’re actually older (and shorter?) than they are.


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