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Nicole Richie Ready to Get Hitch-ied?

 From Star Magazine

Has Joel Madden finally popped the question to his girlfriend Nicole Richie? While attending on-again friend Paris Hilton's birthday bash on Feb. 24 in Beverly Hills, the sparkling bauble on Nicole's wedding ring finger certainly caught the attention of more than one eyewitness.

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Tango’s Take Not much celebrity news today. Good for Nicole Richie! She bounced back from the Brody Jenner thing. It’s also a relief that she’s free of the tyrannical grip of Rachel Zoe. Maybe she can pack on a few pounds, steer clear of any more moving violations and get back to being a productive member of society. And good news for Joel Madden, too. It turns out that he is neither the son of Steve Madden OR John Madden, but the lead singer of a rock and roll outfit called ‘Good Charlotte’. Good work and good luck.


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